WaterRower Reviews ─ Taking the Rowing Experience to the Very Next Level

WaterRower Reviews──Taking the Rowing Experience to the Very Next Level

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor is designed and handcrafted using only the solid ash wood material and is completed with Danish oil and a honey oak stain. This is also simply designed to emulate the boat dynamics that move through a water.


This indeed promises the simulation of physiological and physical benefits of rowing.The company behind the success of the product is recognized in the industry for it promotes aerobic pursuit. The naturally flowing and smooth movements of the rowing machine never tax the joints. Instead, it boosts the heart rate.

The rowing experience is just turned into the next level with this rowing machine.This is also interesting to use since it is mainly outfitted with a feature called as “water flywheel”. In this feature, it consists of 2 paddles in the enclosed water tank that promises a quiet and smooth resistance.

This is exactly similar with the paddles used in the body of water. This is impressive as well because it stands unique from the rest of the products. This has been tested and tried that it never tends to be jarring and jerky. The rowing machine is remarkably fluid and smooth and it is really incomparable.


The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine comes with S4 monitor which really makes it different from other products. The S4 monitor is really a performance monitor designed to help balance technical sophistication. This is also a user-friendly product that has been tried and tested by many users.

They simply have something good to say about it for it really meets their preference, budget and taste.In addition, the monitor has its 6 programming and information windows including 6 QuickSelection buttons. There are also 3 navigation buttons that display the entire workout intensity and the workout period.

The heart rate, the stroke rate, the duration, the distance and the zone bar are also displayed easily by way of using this monitor.

One more thing about the monitor feature is that it is compatible to be used with a receiver and a heart rate chest strap. Thus, this just can help anyone who is interested to optimize their workout and their exercise goals.As mentioned, it features a stained honey oak and a solid ash that promises consistency in color.

Basically, the wood chosen is just excellent for its engineering properties. This is also known for its ability of absorbing vibration and sound. The wood material feature was basically chosen to help enhance the smooth operation of the product and its quiet performance.The ash wood feature is a hardwood with its dimensional stability and incredible longevity.

The wood was also harvested from the replenishable forests. The amazing thing about it is that it is hand-completed and hand-finished with Danish oil. With this oil, it was able to provide such a deep luster.Other feature details of the product consist of dual rails with its 4 corner wheels.

These help increase the stability of the seat and further reduce the sweat that is built up by the body of a user. The frame also easily flips upright for a good and handy storage. The weight capacity of the product reaches up to one-thousand pounds. The WaterRower also measures eighty-four inches by twenty-one inches by twenty-two inches (weight, height and dimension).

This also weighs one-hundred seventeen pounds with water.A 1-year warranty is also included in the features of the machine for the components and for the frame. Nevertheless, the company behind the product will upgrade its warranty to 5 years on the frame.

There will also be a 3-year guarantee on the components prior to the completion of the form. There actually are no moving parts that could wear out over time. It is also interesting to know that even the pulleys and the recoil belt do not need maintaining or lubricating. The flywheel and the water tank develop a resistance system that regulates on its own.

And thus, this helps eliminate the demand for a specific motor.Just like in a real rowing experience, the faster you paddle using this product, the more is the increase in the drag that brings more resistance. In paddling on a slower rate, expect that the resistance will be less intense. The limit set in rowing is the ability and the strength just to overcome the drag.


Pros and Cons


  • Nearly Perfect
    The WaterRower Natural is nearly a perfect product for it is beneficial in an exercise and in enjoyment. This is a must-have product as it creates a huge impact in muscle and cardio fitness. This is just an enjoyable machine to look forward to when you exercise each day.
  • Quiet When it Operates
    This is simply a great product and this is quiet when it operates. This only requires a small foot print whenever it is not in use. There are lots of reviews it did receive from users proven to be helpful in ensuring this machine as the best.
  • Easy to Clean
    This is much easier for you to clean. This will never stress you out when you want to maintain it completely.
  • Easy to Assemble
    This is by far easier to manage and to assemble. This will never leave you stressed out and worried just because you could not actually fix it or assemble it. As long as you read on the instructions, you are on your way to using it perfectly.
  • Slides Smoothly
    Considering the fact that it slides smoothly, it means to say that it just easy to carry out the exercise you want/rowing experience.


  • It comes with its narrow spacing involving the foot rests.

Why you should buy this

You most certainly have to buy for this machine as it is made of ash wood material and it emphasizes its feature called as S4 monitor. With all the specifications mentioned above and the benefits highlighted, it is just worth considering this product. This is also a bit pricey but this is worth the money paid for it.

This is worth of the effort choosing it over other products that can be found on the market.Such a handcrafted machine in giving you a rowing experience, its water flywheel feature also replicates and promises you a real rowing feel.

The flywheel actually sits in an enclosed water tank that provides a self-regulated, quiet and smooth resistance.Who will never approve of its monitor that is useful in monitoring stroke rate, workout intensity, heart rate and a whole lot more?

This can also be easily stored upright that makes it a valuable product to ever consider. You will make the best decision in life by choosing this one.In addition to that, this is an excellent machine that you can choose to meet your specific exercise objectives.

This is mainly ideal for all people that you really have to choose it. This also boasts for its many benefits like it is a lot quieter when it operates.Added to the strong points of the product are that comfortable seat and the appealing and great look. This can also easily stand up even if you are not rowing.

This is smooth and easy to use and this is just quiet. Without others knowing it, but, it really is calibrated for excellence and high accuracy. One more thing is that it is very functional in a sense that it is carefully planned and designed by the manufacturer.

There’s nothing that could beat it in its truest sense for its features and specifications, as mentioned. There is also no need to question the value of the product for it is really a product with attention to detail.Since it operates quietly, it just will never annoy you ever.

The real rowing experience is brought to you and this is just incomparable to other products that could be found all over the internet. Yes, maybe it will take a week before you finally get used to it. You may set up a mirror right beside you. You may do it wrong by pulling it with your shoulders.

But then, later on, you will get that smooth row experience you have never had before.If you have training DVD’s or online videos on how to use it perfectly, then do so follow them. This will definitely help you in your training session. This will be a very helpful tool to use and to never ever ignore.

One more tip is that you need to put on your headsets for such a unique experience and even quieter experience ever. As mentioned, take the time to listen to books and lectures tapes for music that add more thrill, more adventure and more fun along the way of practice.

If you have a family room or enough space at home, this one could be exactly located as you want it to be safe and secure as well. This is something that you could never live without if you have a goal. This could also be purchased as a gift for yourself for being a good, dedicated and determined person.

The quality is also never an issue for it really is a good machine to ever use. This is just highly recommended for you that you must buy this for yourself.And if you really want to enjoy the many various health benefits of the product, you must first give it a try and purchase it.

Rowing is simply great for both the lungs and the heart. And by using this product, it is not just after making your rowing experience great but it is after engaging every muscle group in your body. This will require the heart to pump blood that will deliver nutrients and energy to the body’s cells.

This will also help eliminate byproducts.Since your body is such highly efficient, it does not anymore like to exert more. But when it is required to work harder than before, it will create physiologic adjustments that future exertion just feels a lot easier.

Your breath will become harder and your heart will pump throughout the rowing experience using this product. Your body will adapt more to it and in all other changes that come with it.

One more reason why you have to buy this water rower machine is that it promises an improvement in muscular endurance and in muscular strength. This stands out because it works the entire body and in each drive phase, you also engage your muscle groups including your legs.

The core, the back and the upper body just become even more engaged in the rowing experience. This exertion that is repeated for several times help enhance muscular endurance across several muscle groups.

And when you use this at home, the investment is just lower than that of the cardio equipment. This is a lot better than a cycling bike or a treadmill.There is only a need to be diligent in cleaning and maintaining it.

Final Verdict

The WaterRower Natural is the best choice for a handcrafted rowing machine. Its specific feature just makes it a stand out from all other available choices out there. The water flywheel is just after giving you that rowing feel you would want to have.

This is simply perfected with Danish oil and a honey oak stain that makes it even more irresistible for your training. The material used added up to it being the best rowing machine. Rowing is a good exercise especially in using this product. This still does not come without any risks.

This may also result in an injury especially in the lower back. Thus, using this product requires great attention. And if you are not used to using this machine, ask for some help from your friends or family members. Ask for more tips coming from a trainer because it will help along the way.

Just by starting using it slowly, you will be reaping off all good results after. This will work its way up to achieving your set of goals.

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