Stamina Air Rower Reviews―Effective for Fitness Enthusiasts

Stamina Air Rower Reviews

The Stamina Air Rower is indeed a total-body and low-impact workout machine that is also affordable and space-saving. This is a commercial quality type of machine that best matches your budget and needs. This also best serves your needs of reducing your stress level, toning your muscle, losing your weight and more.


This is a wind-resistance rowing machine that provides a challenging and comfortable rowing workout. This has its seat rail, upholstered seat and foot plats that can accommodate any users. Since this is regarded as an electronic performance machine, this can display speed, calories burnt, time and distance travelled.

This can also be easily and quickly folded for storage. With its built-in wheels, this is the right choice of rowing machine to ever consider.

Established in the year of 1987, Stamina is committed to building a healthier and stronger you. The company can supply only high quality and dependable products at the most excellent value to the leisure and fitness markets. They have showcased hundreds to thousands of products across the globe for the past twenty years.

Stamina is the one responsible in the brands introduced like Suzanne Somers, Jake, Tony Little and a whole lot more. The mission they stick throughout the years is admirable and straightforward that just makes them incomparable from the rest.

They also strive in outperforming the competition by way of maintaining consistent quality, effective communication and excellent service. They also aim to achieve perfection through design excellence and through the introduction of the product.


The product is indeed amazing in a sense that it has its excellent features that are as follows; uses wind resistance for such a convenient and easy rowing stroke. Its multi-function performance monitor is another feature that allows it to receive more positive feedbacks from the users.

In addition to the features, this features an angled and oversized seat rail including a smooth and easy to use sliding seat for an easy seat return. This is also upholstered and padded for convenience and comfort. The textured grips are also specifically designed for stability.

The grip is also secure for a good rowing experience. The foot straps and large footplates could be adjusted to best accommodate the size of a user. If you will not make use of the Air Power, the steel frame rolls away and folds on built-in wheels.

Other significant features of the product include; steel frame construction, frame folds for ease of storage, floor protectors that help avoid skidding. The specification features include seventy-seven by eighteen by twenty-two for length, width and height; folded dimensions of forty-eight by eighteen by twenty-eight inches for length, width and height.

The maximum weight that it can carry is 250 pounds. A 3-year frame warranty and a 90-day parts warranty is another specified feature that set it different from the rest.

The Air Rower is specifically designed to provide a solid, smooth and comfortable rowing workout and experience at home. This is intended for a full-body and low-impact workout. This utilizes the wind for rowing assistance. A user will actually be allowed to determine the resistance intuitively.

When a user rows the fast and hard way possible, he or she could expect of a greater resistance. As mentioned, the monitor displays the calories burned, distance, time and speed as you workout.

This is simply built and designed to bring out smooth and easy operation.


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent for a Home Gym
    Instead of going to the gym, buying this is a good idea as it is excellent for a home gym.
  • Works Well and Sturdy
    There is nothing that could beat this machine that works well and that is sturdy. This is indeed likeable in a sense that it promises years of excellent performance.
  • Effective and Great Machine
    This promises you an effective workout simply because of the fact that it is an effective machine
  • Convenient to Set Up
    This is by far easy and convenient for you to set up that does not give you much sweat. Instead of setting up other products that do not do you any good, choosing this product is even a better and wiser idea.
  • Lots of Space for Extending your Legs
    There is a lot of space in this rowing machine that lets you extend your legs. Thus, this is an even better option to consider.
  • Perfect for Any Age
    This is a perfect rowing machine for it suits any age, teens, adults and elderly.
  • A Great Value
    This is a rowing machine that is of great value. This means to say that this really is a perfect piece of exercise equipment. With a fifteen-minute row exercise spent on this machine, it will help increase the heart rate. This will also provide you with a quality head and toe work. Just by following the instructions, there will be no issues in using this kind of rowing machine.
  • Strong and Woven Like a Dog Leash
    Since it is strong, it can promise you that it will last for years and more.
  • Rubber grips found on the Bottom
    The rubber grips are found exactly on the bottom. They also have good traction and they stay just firm to the wooden floor. There is no need to further hesitate in buying this Stamina Air Rower.
  • Excellent Instructions
    The product is just easy for you to assemble as it mainly comes with excellent instructions. Therefore, you no longer need to ask for the assistance of someone just so you can start with it.
  • Well-Packaged
    Since this is well-packaged, this only means to say that it is a high quality product. It is presentable to look at and it is worth considering as a rowing machine.
  • Tools are Easy to Assemble
    The tools included in the package are easy for you to assemble. Even if you are new to using this machine, this is just easily assembled that means a no-sweat.


  • The fan is quite loud
  • There is a very basic digital interface
  • No whistles and bells
  • Does not assure built muscles
  • Keeps an Estimate of the calories that are burnt, but still the reading does not promise accuracy
  • The workout results still depend on the output and the intensity
  • May be an Issue with one who weighs 200 pounds. This could result to a row motion that is just so effortless. It just gets easier when building a momentum.
  • One of the screws does not exactly fit where it should be. 
  • Does not provide any way to be able to change its resistance 
  • Limits a weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • For one who searches a machine that brings out an interactive experience, like rowing down the Thames and Nile, this is not the ideal machine for them

Why you should buy this

You most certainly need to buy this for it aids in your goals of losing weight and in becoming fit. By also considering some techniques and forms found on videos, you will approve of this as simply an excellent machine. This could be integrated well into your excellent workout routine.

By using this machine for your main workout, you will surely be after enjoying a good start.The following features and specifications and benefits have been highlighted above. This only means to say that this is really a must-have product. This promises you to get fit anywhere and anytime.

This is also very comfortable to use and this is useful on a challenging rowing workout. This will offer you with a solid and smooth rowing workout at home for a full-body and low-impact workout.This operates smoothly and this just promises you to enjoy the exercise routine. In regard with the price, it is not even a big issue.

At the price of 299 dollars, you could afford to buy this and you could just not wait but have this.And if you really want to get the best and all-around workout, there’s no need to look for something else as this is just a nice choice. Just like paddling a canoe or kayak, rowing using this machine is also even better in working your upper body.

This machine just showed you how to get the most out of a boating-style workout.One more thing about the Stamina Air Rower is that it is fantastic and it is portable. This can just fit perfectly when you place it inside hour closet. In improving one’s health, engaging in a rowing workout is an ideal way of working toward maximum physical fitness.

By means of using this rowing machine, it helps more in toning and building the muscles and in strengthening the cardiovascular function and more importantly, in increasing the stamina. Actually, this is effectively used by fitness enthusiasts but even older people can benefit more from this as it does not put strain on their joints and back.

And to clearly emphasize it with you, it has been developed to best serve you on your purpose of a whole body exercise. This ensures that you enjoy all of its immense benefits. This is already enough to build the right body muscles via adequate exercises. Some users have had their experience with other rower types. They asserted that the machine is just worth more of its cost.

Therefore, it is just a must for you to buy this.Now, there is no need to hesitate further in buying this if your first step is more on improving your health. By using this rowing machine on a regular basis, you surely will be working toward maximum physical fitness. The convenience provided by this rowing machine is just remarkable.

Since there are lots of people who are stressed out and depressed, the rowing activity will help stimulate the pleasure centers found in the brain. This is already a cardiovascular workout that increases the amount of endorphins that are being released in the human body.

Therefore, you will expect of it to help reduce the stress levels and lift your feelings of hopelessness and depression.Buy this as this could benefit not only you but even the rest of the family and friends. It is just good to see that almost everyone uses this and enjoys much of using this.

The money spent will all be worth it as it serves the purpose of you, of your loved one and even your friends.It could also be a great family bonding engaging in a rowing activity with all the others.

Final Verdict

The Stamina Air Rower is the best choice of rowing machine due to its huge impact in the exercise and fitness goals of users. This highlights its strong characteristics and features. This is excellently built and designed to meet the exercise goals of users.

The advantages still outweigh the disadvantages that just make this product a must-have. It is unmatched and incomparable to other rowing machines to buy on the market. The simplicity and the convenience in using it just set it different from the rest.

Indeed, this one makes the best deal of a machine.Nothing could beat an exceptionally designed and inexpensive air-resistance machine as it is coupled, as mentioned, with seamless rowing feature, comfortable seat and a nice monitor. For people who are in search for the best workout at home, this product is highly recommended. Overall, this is an awesome product.

For one who is searching a well-built rower that promises smooth motion and complete body workout, this is the best rower for them. Just by simply turning your music up, and changing up the workout session, these will all compensate for the lost resistance options.

There is only a need to make use of your imagination and travel channel in feeling like you are rowing on an exotic river. To get that amazing workout at such a decent price, this is worth buying for.

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