ProForm 550R Rower Review

ProForm 550R Rower Review

It doesn’t matter if you want to have fun while doing exercise, put in variety to your trainings, or just want to keep your health in good condition, considering rowing trainings to your regular fitness habit is a smart idea. Ideal for the old and young, rowing is a low impact training that provides lots of health benefits.


What is more, it is easy on your joints, gives a comprehensive body training or workout, burns lots of calories, enhances mood as well as improves strength and enhances cardiovascular function. To do this exercise, you need a good rowing exercise machine.

There are lots of rowing machines to choose from making it hard for you to get the best one. Worry no more because this article will going to review one of the best rowing machine available today, the state of the art ProForm 550R Rower.


With the state of the art Proform 550R, you can merge your strength and cardio training. This vibrant rowing machine is a blend of rower and a low-pulley station and will assist you obtain total fitness. ProForm 500R had revolutionized the industry of treadmill with world-renowned SpaceSaver foldaway design.

Produced by ICON Health & Fitness, ProForm go on with that tradition of quality as well as innovation even these days. ProForm has initiated a comprehensive line of elliptical machines, exercise bikes, weight benches etc- all geared to give the most efficient workout accessible.

It comes with essential features such as large LCD window, Inertia-enhanced wheel, soft-touch ergonomic handle. It has a capacity of 250lbs.

Soft Ergonomic Handle and Seat

Set upon providing users with the best comfort, the state of the art ProForm 550R Rower armed with a soft touch ergonomic handle as well as a padded seat. What is more its comfortable feel, the padded seat could also be attuned to the ideal position, allowing you to exercise in comfort.

What is more, the cushioned soft handle offers a relaxing workout experience, reduces stress and fatigue and avoids accidental slips which could result in major mishaps.

Pivoting Pedals with Changeable Belts

With this rowing exercise machine from ProForm, you will be capable of experiencing a strain-free and comfortable exercise even when you’ve never utilized rowing exercise equipment before. This is due to the pivoting pedals of this machine that are equipped with adjustable belts.

The footrest offer ample stability through holding the feet in place with a comfy grip. So, you will not need to make great effort to keep your balance while doing rowing exercise.

Monitor and Control Panel

This ProForm 550R Rower is equipped with LCD monitor which monitors these following fitness details:

  • Watts
  • Strokes
  • Strokes Per Minute (SPM)
  • Time
  • Strokes
  • Calories

The information will be shown in three workout windows: Lower, Upper and Center. You can select scan mode to sequence between the diverse data point or you can press the “Priority Display” key until preferred mode is shown.

Watts meter is also a cool feature of this rowing machine that visually symbolizes the power you make with every stroke. Also you can utilize it to help keep in a specific zone and not allow the power levels fall. The LCD monitor is equipped with automatic on and off feature to assist save batteries.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the integrated calorie calculator is based on a regular user and isn’t precise to the particular person rowing. Users must utilize the calculation as estimation and to assist gauge the complexity between diverse workout sessions.

The monitor is relatively basic and just tracks the needed fitness information. This is ordinary for rowing fitness equipment in this price range.

Damper Settings

The advance ProForm 550R Rower machine is armed with newly made “inertia enhanced flywheel” that takes account of damper settings that is controlled through the level located on the top of the flywheel casing. This lever could be pushed down or up and controls the level of air which is permitted to enter the housing of the flywheel.

A lot of people confound a damper setting with modifiable resistance; however it’s a little bit diverse. Controlling the number of airflow into the flywheel housing will alter the feel of rowing stroke however it will not affect the resistance.​

Setting this lever down will let less airflow and make the sense of a lighter boat, thus giving you a less resistance feel. White setting this level up will allow further airflow and make the sense of a profound and weighty boat, thus giving you a more resistance feel.

It’s the same to bicycles’ gearing, wherein the diverse gear affects the pedaling; however do not really affect the level of resistance.

Hefty LCD Window

The state of the art ProForm 550R comes with a hefty LCD window which allows you to track your progress in training. This shows distance, number of strokes you took every minute, time, calories burned as well as the whole number of strokes you took during an exercise.

Space Saving Design

If you lack sufficient room in your home for this home gym equipment, you don’t have to worry because of the fact that the ProForm 550R provides the best solution to having a tight or limited space. With this machine, you could have a comprehensive body training without the need of allocating a wide workout room to this home gym equipment.

This rowing machine from ProForm is small and does not take up lots of space. What is more, this can be folded into a handy size and keep it away fast as soon as you are finished with your training.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

This advanced home fitness equipment is equipped with inertia-enhanced flywheel that gives you lots of resistance to provide your heart and muscle a good training in spite of the fitness level. Due to the fact that the resistance could be changed, also you will be capable of keeping on using this machine as you get slimmer, fitter and sexier.

ProForm 550R Rower Price

The ProForm 550R is available for a very reasonable price in spite of its amazing features. On the other hand, the price of this in general varies depending on where you purchase it. If you want to save a considerable amount, you need to buy it from Amazon. Aside from lowest price, they also offer free delivery.

Easy to Set-Up

Installing the ProForm 550R rowing machine is relatively easy. In fact you can set it up in just a matter of 30 minutes. This rowing machine however comes 90 percent preassembled and all you need to do is to setup the seat. It comes with an easy to follow installation guide.


This rowing machine from ProForm comes with an extensive seat rail which can accommodate tall users. It has a maximum capacity of 250 pounds. Regardless of your height and weight, you can use this rowing machine with great comfort.


With a relatively big footprint, this rowing machine ensures you could save space if you’re not rowing through integrating the original SpaceSaver design feature. You can easily fold this machine through grabbing the 2 storage handles, tipping it forward as well as allowing the padded seat rail to fold and the lock in place. It takes few minutes to store this unit and could be done by almost anyone.


This rowing machine offers a very comfortable rowing stroke which allows you to go on long rowing sessions. While the soft ergonomic handle offers a very comfortable grip which allows to minimizes hand pressure or fatigue as well as lessens the possibilities of developing blisters.

A soft and ergonomically made padded seat allows you to sit for long spans of time without discomfort or pressure. This comfortable seat is made to ease any stress of pressure on your sitting bones as well as tail bone to give extra comfort.

Then you can put your feet in the easily modifiable footrests which could accommodate any size of shoe. It also comes with pivoting pedal which allows natural movement and stay feet firmly and securely in place while you are rowing. However, some choose to row barefoot as they found it very comfortable. The ProForm 550R stands out from the rest when it comes to comfort.

Build Quality

This state of the art rowing machine from ProForm comes with a hard steel body as well as extra-large aluminum seat rail. The sturdy frame allows for faultless movement which will bear the most serious exercises for a lot of years.

This rowing machine is integrated with parts which are made from premium, first class materials without problems of breaking. The footrest, the handle as well as the paddle seat are extremely remarkable and durable and at the same time offer a firm foundation for your amazing rowing experience. In general there were no complaints when it comes to the quality of build and the rowing stroke felt sturdy and strong.

This rowing machine is integrated with parts which are made from premium, first class materials without problems of breaking. The footrest, the handle as well as the paddle seat are extremely remarkable and durable and at the same time offer a firm foundation for your amazing rowing experience. In general there were no complaints when it comes to the quality of build and the rowing stroke felt sturdy and strong.

ProForm 550R Rower

Pros and Cons


  • Low Price: The state of the art ProForm 550R rowing fitness machine is available for a very reasonable price. This gives you a chance to have a healthy and lean body without spending too much.
  • 2 in 1: This rowing machine is exceptional due to pulley station feature. While standing, you can pull the handle upward for many choices of strength exercises.
  • User Friendly Console: This rowing machine is integrated with large LCD monitor that is user friendly and has a big readout. It displays distance, stroke count, calories, time, as well as strokes for every minute. This is powered by battery, so this works devoid of power cord.
  • Space Saver: The Proform 550R rowing fitness machine can be folded easily and vertically due to its SpaceSavert design feature.


  • Light Resistance: For some shoppers, the light resistance on this rower is a drawback. This rowing machine isn’t the most excellent option for those are already fit or in a good shape. What is more, the resistance is controlled with a knob and not digitally. Some prefer digital controls as they are more convenient.
  • No Programs: Another drawback is that it doesn’t have preset trainings or workouts. Costlier rowing fitness equipment integrated with programs which instantly adjust the resistance of the machine. With the ProForm 550R rowing machine, tension adjustments are done manually.
  • Cheap Parts: The 550R have some lower quality components. According to some customers, the pulley cord is prone to snapping and fraying. This machine is not made for heavy use.
  • Mechanical Resistance: This rower utilizes a mechanical flywheel that is a tougher types of resistance utilized on rowing machines.
  • Small Seat: Although it comes with padded seat, however the size is so small. It is painful and tight for larger riders.
  • Weight Capacity: The utmost weight capacity of this machine is 250lbs that is a bit lighter opposed to the maximums of other model or brands of rowing fitness machines available out there.
  • Warranty: The ProForm 55R has an extremely short warranty. Labor and parts are just covered for ninety days and the frame as a warranty of 5 years online compared to others with lifetime warranty.

Who Could Buy this Product?

If you want to get in shape, then this machine is really what you want. Once you use the rower and the low pulley station, you’ll be combining your cardio and strength. The ProForm 550R is here to assist you obtain complete fitness and when you fit into your routine, you’ll be the outcome.

Final Verdict

All in all, the state of the art ProForm 550R Rower fitness machine has managed to get all the features of a reliable rowing machine exceptionally. It is safe, stable, easy to use, comfortable, as well as durable. This makes this machine a valuable investment for those who are searching for an efficient rowing machine.

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