Proform 440R Rower Review

Proform 440R Rower Review

Looking for a reliable and dependable rowing machine that can give you the best training is a hard-to-do task. With so many choices and option on hand, it makes choosing the best one daunting.

One of the best rowing machine on hand is the ProForm 440r Rower. Read this ProForm 440r Rower review to know more about this product.


The state of the art ProForm 440R Rower fitness machine is made to give a full strength training and cardio workout. This rowing fitness machine has an extremely smooth rowing motion for an entry level machine.

On the other hand, what makes this fitness rowing machine apart from the rest is it combines a conventional rower with a low-pulley station for broad upper body training. While standing straight over the end of this rower, you grip the soft-touch, ergonomic handlebar and could work out your shoulder, biceps, deltoids, quads and triceps.

If you have completed your fitness session, storing this fitness machine is very easy and stress free and could be done in just one easy step. For a competitive price, the advance ProForm 440R Rower is graciously built and comes with a firm frame, labor as well as parts warranty.


The 440R rowing machine is a great fitness machine for beginners due to its versatility feature, well built as well as low price. Due to magnetic resistance it is quiet to use and its space saving design makes it a remarkable rower for condos, apartments as well as close living residence or quarters.

It’s also made for twofold action strength training through utilizing the low pulley station design. This exceptional design allow you to do further training that simply rowing like bicep curls, squats, tricep extension and many more.

Resistance Type

The 440R rower from ProForm is a magnetic resistance rower which makes it very quiet when using and provides eight diverse resistance levels. When researching the ProForm 400R rower there seemed to be confusion on diverse websites concerning what kind of resistance this machine was- many said magnetic while other said bungee.

ProForm 440R has diverse resistance levels which can be adjusted easily through turning the red knob on the console of the machine. A lot of users felt the level of resistance were ideal for their training needs however some stated that on the utmost level they felt that it was so simple.

This rower comes with a low pulley station as well as food pads located in the front which allow users to do an array of other strength exercises. Users can do bicep curls, squats, tricep extensions, upright rows and other creative trainings or workouts.

Monitor and Control Panel

The large LCD monitor is the remarkable feature of ProForm 440R Rower. Nothing is shoddier than needing to stop exercises or reduce speed because of incapability to read the distance or time on the monitor.

The ProForm 440R Rower’s LCD monitor is huge enough to read clearly while you are exercising and has the capability to go into a scan mode, rotating between distance, stroke per minute, total strokes, calories burned and time for every second. The LCD monitor is powered by double AA batteries which are not integrated so make sure to buy batteries to start your exercise instantly.


This rowing machine boast about 3 features which add to the level of comfort the 440R provide. These takes account of the following:

  • A Squashy Touch Ergonomic Handle: This feature allows the users to comfortably hold the ergonomic handle without slipping off your hand thus prevents your hand from fatigue and stress.
  • Easy to Adjust Ergonomic Cushioned Molded Seat: The padded seat is very comfortable, giving you a relaxing exercise routine. At the same time, it is also easy to adjust according to your needs.
  • Pivoting Pedals that has adjustable foot belts: This is made to stay feet in place, and at the same time, it increases stability.

The ergonomic handle is basic, soft to touch rowing handle. A number of users observed that the ergonomic handle was a bit small and can form blisters. However this can be amended by means of using gloves.

The integrated pedals secure your feet for a stress free rowing, however it’s personal choice whether or not you want a pivoting pedals or stationary. The integrated pivoting pedals allow user’s feet to turn back and forth with the rowing motion.

The seat glides effortlessly along the rail through four wheels. A lot of rowers said they felt that the rowing action to be smooth and strong which precisely what you like. This fitness machine comes with extra grease for rail maintenance as well as to work properly.

Rower and Strength Station in One

Mix your strength and cardio exercise once you use the rower and the low pulley station. This vibrant machine assists you obtain total fitness.


The state of the art ProForm 440R Rower was made with Space-Saver feature that allows for simple mobility as well as stress free storage under the bedroom or inside your closet. Folding this machine is fast as removing as changing your pants.

The only issue is that there are users that complained about the safety pin which didn’t line up with the hole once folded however was not a big issue as this machine still stayed in the folded position.​

Generally this safety pin is locking accessory to keep this machine folded up, ProForm 440R Rower does not have the pin to insert to be kept however does lock it safely into position. This state of the art rower has two transport wheels located in front of the machine that allows it to extremely easily transferred or moved and it has a little storage footprint of approximately t 2.5′ L X 2.5′ W x 4.0′ H.​


ProForm 440r rower reviews show that even a 6’4” tall rower that weighs 225 pounds used this rower without any issue. According to the manufacturer, this fitness machine can accommodate rowers weighing up to 250 pounds. What is more, a rower that measure 5’3” tall can utilize this rower without any problem.

Easy to Setup

The advance ProForm 440R rower comes with only some pieces and setting up the unit could take on average of 30 to 45 minutes. A number of users were capable of putting it together in just a matter of 20 minutes at the same time others took 1 hour.

Many users commented that they weren’t mechanically inclined as well as were capable of putting this fitness machine together without any issue problem. The ProForm 440R Rower comes with needed tools to assemble except a little head screwdriver to setup the batteries.

Proform 440R Rower

Proform 440R Rower Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: This fitness rower is a low price exercise machine specifically intended for whole body strength and cardio workout. The versatility of the design allows users to utilize this machine in two diverse trainings. It can be utilizes as a conventional rower; however it can also be utilized as a stand-up strength fitness trainer machine.

    The ProForm 440R Rower has an extremely smooth as well as realistic motion which you often do not find in entry level or budget level rower. And once your exercise is done, you can store this machine easily, quickly as well as compactly.
  • Smooth and Quiet Rowing Motion: Another remarkable thing about this fitness machine is that it is equipped with magnetic resistance that offers an extremely quiet training or workout.

    People usually know that the better or bigger the flywheel, the smoother and quieter the rowing motion will be. This state of the art ProForm 440R Rower machine defies this reason. In spite of its small flywheel, the 440R provides an extremely sensible rowing feel.
  • Space Saving: A helpful and practical feature of this amazing 440R Rower from ProForm is the fact that can be stored easily. It can be fold in one easy step and could be moved with ease on the front wheels. Weighing only 68 pounds, moving this fitness rowing machine is so simple. In a tighter home, or restricted area, this is a machine which will work for you.
  • Lower Price: This ProForm Rower is available for a very low price and indeed considered one of the least costly magnetic rower machines on hand on the market today. Amazon is likely to have the lowest cost, great customer service, as well as outstanding refund policy.
  • 2 in 1: Training choices are multiplied with the integrated pulley station and while standing users can pull the handle upward to perform a variety of strength training workouts for the upper body and while seating, user can row for full strength as well as cardiovascular fitness.
  • Low Seat Height: The cushioned seat height is low that a number of exercisers like better.
  • Easy-to-Utilize Console: The ProForm 440R large LCD monitor is so easy to utilize and displays distance, time, stroke count, calories, as well as strokes for every minute. This is powered by double AA batteries, so this machine works without the annoying cord or wire.


  • Light Resistance: ProForm’s website promotes the resistance of the 440R as “light, medium as well as heavy.” Many customers on the other hand would disagree; some users found that resistance of this machine is fairly light even at the highest or strongest level. It is not a good fit for skilled rowers or people who are already lean and in a good shape.
  • Doesn’t Have Programs: The state of the art rower does not come with preset workout programs. A further costly rowing machine includes lots of workouts which automatically alter the resistance of this machine. With the Proform 440 R Rower, the user makes all the alterations manually.
  • Cheap Parts: This rowing machine only weighs about 60lbs, which is not so generous, and has some lower quality parts. Especially users have criticized that the tension cord is prone to snapping and fraying, and a broken wire costs over 100 dollars to fix. The ProForm 400R Rower is not intended for serious use.
  • Mechanical Resistance: This amazing rower utilizes a light flywheel that has mechanical resistance. This mechanical resistance feature used to be extremely ordinary on fitness tools however these days magnetic resistance is further popular.

    Magnetic resistance does not have wear components so it’s likely to be more durable and quieter opposed to the resistance system utilized here.
  • Small Seat: Even if it comes with a padded seat it is rather small. It’s tight ad bumpy for bigger users.
  • Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is 250lbs. which is light opposed to other models.
  • Warranty: It has short warranty period, with ProForm looking forward that you will pay for an extensive version. Labor and parts are just covered for ninety days. There’s a five-year warranty on frame.

Who Could Buy this Product?

The state of the art ProForm 440R Rower is indeed ideal for beginners who want to have lean and sexy body. This is also ideal for people living in tight and restricted areas such as apartment, condo and townhouses. This machine is not appropriate for skilled exercisers or those who have already superior upper body strength.

Final Verdict

ProForm 440R Rower can be reasonable for the price of $399. The magnetic resistance feature is indeed the best for those who are new or just starting rowing, and the small size it is most suitable for users with smaller bodies.

Due to its foldable design, you can easily store this machine easily under your bed or in your closet. It is also ideal to use in a tight place. When you already have superior upper body strength, or looking for a rowing fitness machine that has better durability, then it is highly recommend to choose a more expensive model.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals in indoor training for many good reasons. Purchasing this product means getting yourself entitled for its enormous and incredible benefits.

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