What Does Kickboxing Do To Your Body | Which Is The Best Fitness Band Under 1500 | Women Diet Plan

What Does Kickboxing Do To Your Body | Which Is The Best Fitness Band Under 1500 | Women Diet Plan

Kickboxing is very famous sports where in 2 boxers fights in a ring with their punching and kicking techniques. Every participant have their own style of fighting techniques which is very interesting to watch for an audience.

But, do you all know that Kickboxing requires a very high fitness for opponent to fight. Kickboxing is now very common among the countries of the world. It is sports which has originated from karate, judo and mix martial arts.

Hence, it can be learn Andrew performed by any individual as it is one of the best fitness sports for all.

Fitness level required for any sports is very different, Kickboxing is all level game of mind and body. This is something which you will have to train your mind and body both.

Beginner guide for Kickboxing :

▪ In kickboxing fitness gear is very important in which you should must have boxing gloves.

▪ Mouth guard if you are actually going for a kickboxing fight or a practice session in the ring.

▪ In kickboxing shin guards to protect your shin bone.

▪ Ankle support wraps to avoid twist and turn of your ankle.

▪ In kickboxing head gear necessary for head guard.

Benefits for health of Kickboxing :

What Does Kickboxing Do To Your Body | Which Is The Best Fitness Band Under 1500 | Women Diet Plan

 ▪ Reduces stress
▪ Boost confidence level
▪ Improve coordination
▪ Burns mega calories
▪ Ideal cross training workouts
▪ Energy boost
▪ Better body posture

       These are few benefits we get from Kickboxing. This is for people who wants to gain strength stamina and remain fit Kickboxing is best activity which they perform. I am personally impressed with kickboxing because it burns your calories faster. If you are a regular gym going individual you can give 2 days in a week at least for kickboxing.

Dear Reader, I have notices that there are large number of people around us who are using fitness and keep that band tied up to their wrist all the time. But, only wearing a fitness band on your wrist will make you fit?
The answer is NO.

Today we will see the best fitness band in year 2020. Now a days maintaining fitness and health record in proper data is increasing rapidly in our life style. 

According to the study of US health service every individual performance at least 5 fitness activity daily in his day routine. As we all know there is know track record of maintaining that data of fitness activity. 

Let me also tell you that this fitness is totally different from smart watch, fitness band will totally record below activities, which we will study in details :

(1) STEPS :
What Does Kickboxing Do To Your Body | Which Is The Best Fitness Band Under 1500 | Women Diet Plan

Fitness band will help to keep the record of your daily steps. It will track no. of steps that you have walked in a day.


As I have mentioned that fit band calculates no. of steps that you take in a day, it also shows the calories you have burn in a day. There are some advance fitness band in which you can even track calories you intake.


Fit band also helps to track your sleep time. If its there on your wrist and if you sleep it automatically go to sleep.


Fit band also calculate your heart beats in a day also tracks yours speed of heart beat.


Height meter is also one tracking function that measure your step when you taking stair case steps also.


Many advance fit band also calculate distance that you have covered through cycling and jogging.


Fit band also has a function of call and message icon whenever you get call or a message you see that icon on your band.

It is very clear only wearing a fit band will not make you fit. You will have to take initiative to track you fitness activity and perform it daily.

Best fitness band 

▪Xiaomi mi fit 
▪Fit bit 
▪Intex fit band 

What Does Kickboxing Do To Your Body | Which Is The Best Fitness Band Under 1500 | Women Diet Plan

Best fitness band is available offline and online you can wear for style element, fitness tracker etc.

Let us now look at the women's plan of action for daily special health requirements :

▪ Balance diet for Women`s :

In women's diet the balancing of nutrients is very important. So, they should consume protein and carbohydrates in appropriate quantity.

Women`s should Avoid Sugar :

Maximum women's likes to have eatables which has high sugar content like ice cream and cakes which are most dangerous for women body. Women's body are more likely to get fat as compared to men`s because its a natural process.

Exercise for Women`s :

Now exercise of women's will be different from that of men`s. For women's it will more of a cardio workouts rather than into weight lifting. These are various activity that women has to follow :


Women`s Healthy nutrition after pregnancy :

It is very important for all the women's to be more careful towards their health after pregnancy because during pregnancy their lot of energy goes into giving birth to their child. Example. Calcium from women's bones are absorbed by the child inside her womb.

Women`s should take Proper sleep :

Sleep is very important every living things so as for women's. They should not over stress their body with their daily routine.

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