What Are The Disadvantages Of Drinking Alcohol Everyday

The most common drink now a day is alcohol, which is available in various brands in the market like Budweiser, kingfisher, jack Daniels etc. People are consuming it as if it is healthy for your body. Let me clear you all that, even if you all are drinking alcohol occasionally and of oldest brand, trust me it will not going to benefit you in anyway. It is the most hazardous drink available today. 

People who are selling this in the market earnings money out of it should think about it. Alcohol is the worst form of addiction which person cannot resist. Now a day’s people are drinking alcohol as a fun activity, in get-together, in parties etc. 

This is not at all fun or a joke that alcohol is enjoyed everywhere. Alcohol is truly considered by the doctors and researchers as a slow poison for human being consuming it. Dear readers, please open your eyes and try to avoid drinking alcohol in a best possible way. Hazards of Alcohol are follows:


What Are The Disadvantages Of Drinking Alcohol Everyday

Person who has consumed alcohol has no control over his brain power. He will lost total control over his thinking ability and may cause damage to his health and family members. It tries to pull control of mind over your own body. The first impact of alcohol is directly on a brain, thinking and understanding power get disable.

When you are into the toxic of alcohol, you will not even realise that what you are doing? Is it right or wrong? Highly recommended to stay away if you don’t want to trouble yourself.


As mentioned in the first disadvantage, it takes away brain power which causes attacks like paralysis. 
This attacks are most common in today's time as it is easy to understand why? because consumption is increasing day by day, if consumption will increase attacks will increase. I highly recommend to all my readers for God sake, please avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks in order to maintain healthy and peaceful life of yours and your family. One the most horrible disease is paralyses; you can walk and do regular activity on your own. For everything you will have to rely on others. How will you manage such a disgusting life? Hence, why to take a risk and put yourself in danger.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Drinking Alcohol Everyday

We know and even non consumers of alcohol are aware that alcohol directly impacts your liver badly. You must have come across many cases in your life where a person has died because of liver damage in his body. This majorly happens with dunkers. Hence, emphasize on your health if you genuinely want to be fit and healthy. Malfunctioning of liver is major caused by drinking alcohol, this organ is considered the gift by God, now its on you how do you take care of this blessings of God. You want to take care of it or you want damage it by consuming alcohol.


Major problem of obesity is also caused by alcohol. In current lifestyle obesity is biggest problem from which people are trying to get rid of but, getting difficult. 

Please understand even if your following your diet and exercise daily alcohol will not going to give you results at all. In fact, you may end up quitting diet rather than alcohol, if you get into addiction. This is the most easily addicted drink. So, please avoid even you drink occasionally. Drinking a substance which is a mixture of harmful ingredients will give birth to problem like obesity.


Government are imposing strict rules against drunk and drive case because we all came across no. of cases in past years about the same. 
Dunker’s are no way in control of their mind when they have consumed alcohol. If they drive than they are risking their and others life's too. Already we have discussed majorly heart attacks are causing deaths in once friends and family.

Let’s talk about the people who are into sports and fitness, consuming alcohol are impacting their life’s:

What Are The Disadvantages Of Drinking Alcohol Everyday

I believe that, a fitness freak person will never think about adding such hazardous product in their life. But, still there many people who are into fitness and sports – consuming alcohol on a large scale. If they do so they are wasting their energy and time for fitness, as no one can reach that goal unless you truly ignore drinks. I have seen that; many people say that they drink only during occasions. Let me make it clear a true sportsman or fitness freak individual will never touch such a worst thing.

I have noticed that, today alcohol is served as a beverage in parties, wedding and festivals. Now, not only men’s even women are drinking it and treating it as a sign of celebration. Trust me it is not at all worth for women to drink, they are burning their own dignity and it is harmful them during their pregnancy. Taking the hazard of alcohol as fun will see the result when you will come near to your old age.

Restriction should be imposed on alcohol promotions, like it has been imposed on advertisement of cigarettes. You all will not believe alcohol is 5 times dangerous than cigarettes. People find it really cool to drink in parties, boozing like an animal it is really very shameful that are announcing their own damages publicly. People says that it releases stress and you get a peaceful sleep, trust me readers that is all myth. It is just that you have got habitual to it. When toxicants has no control over himself, he will not treat his family member with respect and that will be time you all will realise that, how bad is to be a alcoholic person.

          So, please totally avoid consuming alcohol as it is not beneficial in any way for our healthy lifestyle. I request all my readers to please remove alcoholic drinks from life and you will give a pure and perfect life to both, you and your family.

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