Top 5 Proved Solution For Covid-19 Which Can Help You To Save Your Life Must Try

Today, entire world is struggling with the effect of the novel corona virus-2019 and finding out ways to overcome with the disaster of covid-19. Virus took birth from the Wuhan market in china from covet cat and now it is spreading in entire world. 

Many countries have initiated safety measures to fight this covid-19 but, to stop the destruction of covid-19 is a challenge for every country. The highly infected from covid-19 is China, Italy, Germany, Canada, India and many more. 

More than 1 lakh people have been infected with this covid-19 and thousands have died across the world. Countries of the world have adopted the strategy of major lockdowns across the globe.

The economy of the world has affected the most, the market has collapsed drastically and will take a major time. There are no monetary transaction going on around the world, people are totally in the panic state. Doctors from all the countries have come together and trying their best to get the vaccine as early as possible.
The entire world is in deep trouble with covid-19, it said that these kinds of scenario has not been seen by the world before and it creating a history.

Top 5 Proved Solution For Covid-19 Which Can Help You To Save Your Life Must Try

Entire world is under panic situation, people are more concerned about their livelihood than covid-19. Due to lockdown in poor countries, humans are struggling to get their bread and butter. Governments along with the strong business companies are taking initiative to supply the basic necessity to people. The efforts taken by all of these people deserves respect of all.

In this horrible situation doctors and cobs are playing a vital role by supporting the government in lockdowns and ensuring that people are staying at home rather than getting infected. Doctors are rendering their service for patient day and night. There efforts towards fighting corona is commendable. Chains of hospitals and ambulance are kept ready to get patient in quarantine zone as soon as possible.

There are constantly press conference happening in the countries of the world and presidents or prime minister are coming in front for update to their citizen and controlling the panic situation in their nation. Here, co-operation between government officials and citizens of the country are highly expected, looking at the situation some of them are co-operating with government and some of them are not.

Covid-19, has made the fearful situation for the people but, we all have to come together by supporting the initiative taken by the government for the betterment of the society. In many countries people are using air planes and helicopters to spray sanitizer to kill the virus.

Top 5 Proved Solution For Covid-19 Which Can Help You To Save Your Life Must Try

Its been more than 4 months since covid-19 is destroying the world, many people who has no knowledge about covid-19 or they are ignoring the fact of this virus are taking it lightly. But they have no knowledge that it can truly end the world if it goes out of control.

In this situation, People should be more careful and they should take maximum precautions as possible. Here, are the ways by which they can take precautions and take care of their health and their loved ones:

Stop spreading rumors: Highly recommend for the people who take it as fun, and spreading wrong information should primarily stop spreading rumors. People are already in panic state in you are spreading rumors, it will create a hustle among the people. I request to all the members of countries around the world, please don’t pay attention to rumors spreading on social media and internet. Please do a complete research before conveying a message to anyone. Your small effort on this can make a major difference.

Eat Vitamin C – It has been prescribed by the doctors to all that, individual with strong immunity system can easily fight with covid-19 and protect himself by getting infected. Now, to increase your immunity system in your body, you must have presence of vitamin C in your body. Vitamin C can be gained through ginger, lemon, dates, olives etc. If all these things are not available you take basic tables of vitamin C. Hence, youngster is getting less infected with covid-19 as compared to children and senior citizens. The contain of vitamin C is more in youngsters so they can fight with corona virus.

Exercise at home – One more remedial measure from covid-19 is that doing exercise at home. The study on covid-19 says that this virus is killed with heat, doing exercise generated heat in your body and thus it can beat the virus from your body. I don’t say that this will definitely work but, you can at least add in your day in this time of quarantine.

Top 5 Proved Solution For Covid-19 Which Can Help You To Save Your Life Must Try

Cure possible from Covid-19 – People who things that, those who are infected with covid-19 will die? It is just wrong information which has spread among people. Maximum people who got infected with covid-19 has got cured with treatment given by the doctors. So, please understand that you will not die directly if you are infected. People are dying only under extreme condition where the virus goes to last level.

Best time to take care of your health – In my all the articles I have mentioned that, people are not able to focus on their health as they don’t get appropriate time to give to fitness and health. But, now in this lockdown you can do at home what you have been not able to do for your health. This is time where you can make it worth for yourself by emphasizing on your body, health and fit lifestyle.

      This article is about covid-19, updating correct info what’s going on during the time of quarantine. My primary motive is to focus on how to protect oneself and our family member. I have added few health tips you can adopt to fight covid-19 and focus peacefully to make the upcoming better to live for future. Covid-19 may be the tuff time for all but, our praying for entire humanity and efforts to fight will do the best human life. 

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