How To Exercise During Lockdown Or Quarantine

Dear readers, as we all know that we are running through tough time, lockdown and quarantine is running everywhere across the world. In this article we will see exercises which you can do at home and maintain your health and physic, same as you were able to maintain in gym. This will help you to understand exercise you can do during lock down and quarantine.

Many people are skipping their diet and exercise due to lockdown as they don't have appropriate equipments at home or they have stopped themselves during this phase. Let me tell you that, an individual who is dedicated towards his goal will not skip any exercise or a diet. I know it is difficult but, the hard work you have done to maintain it previously will go waste. Hence, it is very important to continue with your routine at home itself with exercise during lockdown and quarantine.

In these days we must focus on maintaining our routine without skipping our exercises. People have made up their mind that, gym's are closed so we can't do anything. So, lets stop till gym gets open again. This kind of attitude should not be their in any case. Instead of this try and find out the solution for the break down of routine. whatever diet and exercise your following during your gym days you will have to continue following the same, only few exercises which will differ and these exercises you will have to perform daily without any deviations.
Now let's see what all exercises that you can do during lockdown or quarantine:

How To Exercise During Lockdown Or Quarantine

Dear readers to do an exercise during lockdown or quarantine at home you should have at least 3 equipments and history equipments is enough to perform your daily exercises and maintain your health and routine. Those equipments are as follows, they are cheaply available in the market and they are such that, it will be easily available at your home if you are into fitness:

Fitness tube
Rubber mat
Chin ups bar

Fitness tube :
Fitness tube is basically a rubber stretching material that you can use it for your exercise. I will share the picture of that, so that you can easily understand what exactly the fitness tube is? I will also share the information to use fitness tube and you can perform various exercises with just a single fitness tube.

The tube is design in such a way that it will require your energy to stretch it in different direction hence it is beneficial for you to perform any exercises without any difficulty. with single tube you will be able to perform the exercise for all your body parts for example chest, arms, triceps and back. Except for legs you can perform most of your upper body exercises with this fitness tube:

For chest you can performed different variation that I will share below with this fitness tube:

Chest fly:
You all can take a proper position of chest fly what you do it on a dumbbell and you can hold is fitness tube, do this exercise easily.

Chest press:
In the same way you can take the same position and perform the chest press with fitness tube and it will be very effective to your chest.

Push ups:
We all know that push up is something that you we can do at our home itself. And it's very easy to do it you can't Mr push up exercise it at your home.

In the same way shoulder exercises you will be able to perform with this fitness tube, you just need the proper instruction to use it in a right way for shoulder exercises.

Shoulder press:

How To Exercise During Lockdown Or Quarantine

You will have to hold that fitness tube below your feet it and stretch towards your shoulder and then you can perform your shoulder press exercise with fitness tube easily. This will help you to give proper Pump to your shoulder muscles and you will feel that you have actually perform your shoulder exercise.

Side lateral:
In the same way holder fitness tube below your feet and stretch it how you do it for your dumbbell side lateral. Perform 3 sets with 15 reps.

Witness witness tube you can also perform the arms exercises of both the muscles of biceps and triceps:

Biceps pullover:
Hold fitness tube below your feet and pull towards your biceps this will form for bicep muscle and your exercise will get complete for bicep muscle.

Triceps push down:
Tie this fitness tube towards the wall or towards any bracket at your home and push it down easily for the triceps pushdown muscles or it will work for you as a triceps pulley.

Chip ups mount:
Chin ups mount can be easily fixed at your home and you will be able to perform your back exercises with the close grip wide grip. please refer the picture below so that you can easily understand how you can fix that chin ups mount at your home and do your back exercise.

you can do free weight squats for legs exercise will have to do three sets with hundred repetition per sets.


How To Exercise During Lockdown Or Quarantine

We all know that push up you can do it at your home easily it just need a small space at your home and performing a pushup is quite easy.

You all can also do different types of planks and crunches at your home during this lockdown or quarantine, these are very basic and easy it doesn't require any kind of equipments.

Rubber mat:
Rubber mat you can place at your floor for plans and push ups which is a basic requirement and easily available in the market.

        These are few exercises which you can do at your home easily and given are the equipments which you can make it available at your home during the emergencies and perform your exercise complete your health routine and maintain your fitness level and physic without any deviation.

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