The 7 Best Fat Loss Food And Exercise

There is a big reason of writing about contribution of diet and exercise because, I have meet lot of people in Gym and in my family, who does huge mistake of restricting themselves by ignoring meal and nutrition to lose weight. They should emphasize on fat loss food and exercise, rather than curbing their meal.

Restricting yourself from food will not at all help you in losing weight instead, your body will suffer from malnutrition. So, please ensure don't curb your meal but, it is important for you to eat fat loss food which is full of nutrition.

Skipping you lunch and dinner will not make sense to lose weight, it will make you week and less energized. As per my study, it is good that people are getting health conscious and they have a concern for their health. I literally appreciate the efforts which they are taking to reduce their weight but, this dedication has to be given proper direction to get encouraging results. Fat Loss food and exercise – is the solution to their problem. Consuming selected food which will not increase your weight but, still provide you with required nutrition. In same way practise exercises, which is for losing weight.
Joint effort your diet and exercise will give you best results.

Human has certain limitation and it functions under those limitations. Human body requires certain quantity of carbohydrates that gives them energy to perform daily activity. Quantity of carbs differ from weight to weight of an individual. With the given energy from carbs and other nutrition, individual has to utilise both for their exercise and also for daily life routine. Hence, eating right food at the right time is important and not reducing your consumption of food.
Now, fat loss food are selected food items that one has to consume along with the exercise.

Let’s talk about the fat loss food and exercise:

The 7 Best Fat Loss Food And Exercise

1.    Jumping – Jumping is the simple form of exercise and can be done daily by every individual. In this activity, it will burn the accumulated fat towards your chest, hips, buds and thigh portion. It is very simple but most effective. This exercise you should to it 10 min daily without stopping.

2.    Skipping – Skipping is also very effective form of exercise. Here, you will be able to activate you shoulder and arm muscles as well. If there is no space constrain than, I would recommend you to select skipping over jumping. It effective to lose fat of overall body parts. Daily 10 min is good routine to follow

3.    Running – Most commonly practised activity is running. Running is also very effective. One can do it 15-20 min daily. For beginners, start with fast walking and gradually increase the speed.

These are few activities which you can do for fat loss. Now, let’s what to consume for fat loss.

The 7 Best Fat Loss Food And Exercise

Warm water with lemon - In Morning when you wake up, before brushing your teeth take a glass of warm water and squeeze a lemon and drinking it. You will see the results within 7 days.

Ignore cold water – People now a days are addicted to water from fridge which is artificially cold and has been regulated from gases.
It slowly increases body fat, drinking cold water from fridge is very harmful for the body, but people don’t realise that.

Green tea – Green is the most effective fat loss habit that one can follow. Green tea has a natural ingredient which helps in losing weight.

Avoid sweets - Sweets doesn’t benefit your body either way. It is most dangerous for the human and for your fitness goal. Sweet increases the thickness of your skin layer and it becomes difficult to reduce the cholesterol level after that.
Therefore, it’s better to add below items in your breakfast / lunch / dinner:

▪Sweet potatoes
▪Brown rice
▪Boil chicken
▪Egg whites
▪Lemon juice
The 7 Best Fat Loss Food And Exercise

Readers, the list given to you is combination of food and exercise. You want a quick result than, joint effort of food and exercise is required, one cannot rely only on exercise and only on food.

The most important advice I wanted to give you all is that, no cheating allowed in these plans of action. Your one cheat meal damages your weeks efforts. Kindly ensure that you are tough on your cheat meal. Also ignore junk foods from outside, junk foods are just a marketing tactics.

In the same way only exercise is not going to make you healthy and fit. You will have to take proper nutrition in your diet.

Dear readers, I have come across many questions from people around me that what is more important to achieve our fitness goals, is it diet or is it exercise? I have also noticed that there are people who are more focus towards their exercise but they don't follow appropriate diet. Let me tell you that only exercise will not give you 100% result and only following diet will not give you results. Diet and exercise are equally important to achieve your fitness. If you calculate the contribution, 50% is contributed by diet and 50% is contributed by exercise both are equally important. Now we all will have a question that why diet and exercise is important?

So, answer to your question is when you follow only diet, whatever nutrition you are taking in your body that will also absorb cholesterol that will accumulate in your body and it will generate calories. Now this accumulated calorie will affect your heart, your body structure and your health. Hence, exercise help us to burn this calories and highlight our muscles.

Now, doing only exercise will not give you appropriate results because, when you are doing exercise you had to take a proper nutrition, that nutrition will be absorbed by your body only through exercise.

         Therefore, people please give an equal importance to both exercise and your diet plan for which you will definitely see good results.

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