How To Protect From Corona Virus With These Life Saving Tips

Before getting in to the details of how to protect from corona, let’s under what is Corona virus. Corona virus is a group of viruses that causes illness of cold and more dangerous diseases like middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS COV), sever acute respiratory syndrome SARS-COV). 

These viruses where earlier found in human body now, there is a new virus which has taken a birth known as a Nobel corona virus which was never found previously in human body. It has become necessary to focus on how to protect from corona.

It is said that, it got transmitted from the animals to the people. Detail study and researches says that, it has got transmitted from civet cats to humans. It has become a universal aim that how to protect from corona.

Some of the common symptoms of corona virus is fever, cough, cold breathing difficulty and in more severe cases respiratory syndromes, kidney failure and even death.

Let me go ahead and discuss about the safety tips from the corona virus or how to protect from corona.
How To Protect From Corona Virus With These Life Saving Tips

 Cover full body to protect from corona virus:

Cover your full face and body with clean clothes so that you should not get infected. You all must have seen the pictures online from china that, people are covering themselves totally from head to toe.
The effect of the virus is so drastic that covering body has become very crucial for each and every individual.

·      Washing hands to protect from corona virus:

5 to 6 times in a day wash your hands mouth and face daily. Washing hands from back side is very important because it is suggested by the doctors that, it is the most infected area of the virus. It is also said that protect yourself from doing hand shake with others. Highly recommended to use hand wash and sanitizer for cleaning the germs of hand.  

·      Avoid non-veg to protect from corona virus:

Stay away from eating non veg for a while. As is was spread from the animals it can impact human being also very badly. Stay away from animals as this virus was transmitted from animals to human.

·      Lock down to protect from corona virus:

How To Protect From Corona Virus With These Life Saving Tips

Many European countries have announced total lock down – where individuals are not allowed to go out of their homes. Entire countries have stopped their daily function and restricting citizens to move out. The impact of corona on a surface or in the air is for 12 hours, if we are not moving out of the homes, the corona will be killed at the same place itself without spreading to others.

·      Stop migration to protect from corona virus:

The best way suggested by today is for the individual is, individual should not go to the infected place, if is there in the infected zone he should not migrate to another place. This is the best way of protecting from corona and look after the entire human beings.

·      Keep immunity strong to protect from corona virus:

Individual with strong immunity are not getting highly impacted with this virus. Mostly it is affecting old people and children. Person with strong immunity should not get afraid.

·      Stop spreading rumours to protect from corona virus:

One of the most important information that lot of people are ignoring is that, more the than spreading of virus, people are spreading rumours. It is also considered as the remedy to protect people from getting panic through wrong information.

·      Spread awareness to protect from corona virus:

How To Protect From Corona Virus With These Life Saving Tips

To share correct information among the people is very much important. Right awareness will help all of us to fight against corona virus. Many organisations are taking huge efforts through social media and spreading awareness to all of us.

·      More heat kills the virus:

Heating is killing the virus, its advice cable to heat the eatables well before consuming. Even sunlight with tremendous heat is killing the virus. This is also one way to protect from corona virus.

These are few safety tips which has been shared by the doctors and the researchers to fight against corona virus.

Effect of Corona virus on the world:

·      Death rate due to corona virus:

The death rate from 
corona virus is very high as people are getting infected very easily from this virus and it is spreading widely across China and neighbouring countries of China. It is said that more than 5000 people have been died with this virus. China is the most effected countries among all as its has started from there. More than thousand people have died in European countries also.

·      Economic down turn:

How To Protect From Corona Virus With These Life Saving Tips

Entire world is facing economic down turn because the offices, school, markets are closed so that it should spread among the people. There are not rolling money happening in the market. Hence, it has resulted into slowdown of economy in many countries of Europe and middle east.

·      Alcohol doesn't kill corona virus:

Alcohol self is dangerous for human body it cannot act as a remedy for a disease like Corona. So, I personally recommend to avoid alcohol and please don't consider an alcohol as a a remedy for 
corona virus. It has not been proved by any doctors or health organisation that alcohol protects from corona virus.

             Dear readers, looking at the hazards of 
corona virus and people who have been infected with this virus their condition are worst. In such drastic situation where there is no solution for the disease, you will have to totally rely on God and pray for everyone. How to protect from corona virus has become universal aim to fight for. People who are taking this lightly should get more alert as it is spreading widely and rapidly. Ignoring the messages about and safety measures is like risking your life and others life also. Please don’t underestimated the situation, kindly follow the precaution suggested for the sake of entire humanity. It also said that, it is also said that, it is the natures revenge but, we all should stand together to overcome the situation and give your best effort to contribute for humanity.

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