How To Create Food And Eating Habits

Dear Reader, to get fit and attractive body shape FOOD AND EATING HABITS contribute 80% to your daily routine and towards your goal of getting perfect fitness and body shape. 

The more you eat and over load your stomach the closer you are to diseases. Exercise will not make any sense on your body if there are no positive restrictions imposed on your daily food and eating habits.

Here, food and eating habits consist of unwanted and unhealthy food consumption which will not benefit you in any case. 

Balance your food and eating habits with exercise the result will flow in your desire direction. 

Its not easy to quit your food and eating habits which coming long way along with you but, you can give slow and continuous kick start to fitness goal.

For beginners this is best information and our motive is to influence them with benefits of it. There are lots of elements on which we are going to focus -

How To Create Food And Eating Habits

Vitamin C to increase your immunity system – for this you will have to consume lemon, ginger, garlic etc. Strong immunity system fights with diseases that are coming on your way. Add consumption of vitamin C in your food and eating habits. Its better to consume it in the morning.

Testosterone is required by men to increase their strength which they will get from almonds, figs, dates, olives etc these are few eatables that will help you to increase your testosterone.

Vitamin E is also necessary for human body – High content of vitamin E makes you look younger. It is beneficial for your skin, hair fall, eyes etc. Green vegetable is good source of vitamin E and you must add it in your food and eating habits.

High Fibre food in your food and eating habits will give tremendous and quick results. Get fibre from oats, broccoli, carrot, cereals etc.
Fibre makes your muscles sharp and attractive.

Things to keep in mind while having your meal, which will have a question, what eat and when to eat?

(1) Breakdown of meals in your food and eating habits:

How To Create Food And Eating Habits

Starting with the most feasible routine is that it’s better to have 4 smaller meals rather than having 2 big meals a day. Important reason to follow this 4-meal routine in your food and eating habits is that, it will give proper time to your digestive system to digest the food and also increases your ammunition. 

The minerals and vitamins reach the body organs, each element suffices the requirement of the elements to your body in the form of protein, fats and carbs. Breaking down of meals also makes food to reach and gives energy to all the parts of the body. Hence, 4 meals a day will always help to reach your fitness goals. Minor in change in your food and eating habits in daily routine will bring major change in your body.

(2) No over eating in your food and eating habits:

Whatever you are eating do not eat over the capacity, remember taste is temporary but, effect of unwanted substance in your body will harm you every time. So, readers please emphasize the quantity you are eating. Please don't overload yourself which will get you closer to diseases like obesity and heart disease. Apply this habit in your daily food and eating habits you will definitely see results and it is the most common mistakes done by food lovers. Now, there are people who says they can't control their eating habit so please divide your meal into 3 elements:

(a) FOOD
(b) AIR
(c) WATER (after an hour of each meal)
Keep these 3 elements in your stomach and you will protect yourself from major diseases.

(3) Manage food, sugar and oil in food and eating habits:

How To Create Food And Eating Habits

Many people ask for a diet plan. But, for the person who is just a start up should avoid 3 things in their eating habits. Avoiding these three things will prepare you for hardcore diet for future. These are as follows:

(b) SALT
(c) OIL

I don't recommend to ignore it totally but you can at least try to reduce intake of these 3 items. I assure you will never see your body fat is increasing. High intake of these 3 items creates thick layer of skin which increases body fat percentage and leads to obesity. Please keep in mind burning fat is more difficult for people who can't leave sugar, salt and oil.

(4) Quit junk food from your food and eating habits:

How To Create Food And Eating Habits

Junk foods are good in taste but will damage you at large. Highly recommended, avoid eating junk foods which is now a days difficult for individuals. I have noticed parents are making their children habitual to this kind of eatables. Please don't get into such eating habits, it is just the impact of heavy marketing done by these food brands.

Readers execute this eating habits and food; you will be happier and save your money by visiting doctors.

    NOTE: This is article is for ordinary people who can't afford to follow diet plan and exercise. Read carefully and execute it’s a complete beginners guide for the start-ups. Your food and eating habits can change you to the desired level and the recommend food and elements are easily available in the market for all. There is no spend or taking expensive supplements. The diet expected can be easily made and followed with a small expense as well.

As far as beginners are concern, at initial stage please don’t go for heavy and expensive supplements because these are dangerous if not taken under proper guidance and without knowledge. Expecting you to understand that natural will give you slow results as compared to supplements but, will keep natural and results remain for a longer period of time. Food and eating habits be more natural and there will not be any side effect on your body.

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