Does Cupping Therapy Work ? Side Effects, Benefits & Types

Cupping therapy is the ancient form of therapy invented in Middle east countries and it is considered as the best form of sucking unwanted blood from your body and repair tissues increases circulation of fresh blood in our body.

Cupping therapy is a process of placing cups on your painful body part or highly functioning body parts and it sucks the waste blood which can later turn into an infection in your body. Hence, it is better to remove that blood and let body generate fresh blood at the same part.


(1) People who are facing hair problem can go for cupping therapy of their head. This would be done through placing of 4 cups on their head and these cups will do the suction process of getting out the waste blood. Now this head cupping will help you to protect from below problems:

Does Cupping Therapy Work ? Side Effects, Benefits & Types

▪Reduces hair fall: Now a day’s hair fall is known problem for all of us in current generation. Along with hair fall, hairs turning grey at early age is also a big problem. Cupping therapy acts as remedial for your all hair loss problem weather its hair fall, hair loss, smoothness, hair turning grey etc.

▪Relief from headache: I have come across the people who faces sever headache frequently in their stressful life. Frequent headache is obviously not a good sign for our health. Recommending cupping therapy for headache issue.

▪Repairs brain cells and tissues: Cupping therapy has a natural effect on our brain cells and tissues. Cupping therapy repairs all the brain cells and tissues within the fraction of time, when blood comes out.

▪Protect from brain diseases: Cupping therapy protect brain from all the brain diseases, in cupping therapy fresh blood starts to flow in brain, once the contaminated blood id sucked out from the body.

▪Sharpen your mind: As we understood that, cupping therapy is all about fresh blood flowing in you brain, this freshness will help to sharp your brain.

(2) In the same way you can go for cupping therapy of various body parts for example:

Does Cupping Therapy Work ? Side Effects, Benefits & Types

▪Neck: Getting cupping therapy of neck is beneficial for shoulder and spinal chord. People facing neck problem can adapt the cupping therapy.

▪Back: Back pain is also biggest problem; please try cupping therapy and you will see the results that slowly you are improving from your back-pain problems.

▪Lower back: After certain age, lower back stability gets weak. To keep it firm and strong for a longer period of time. Cupping therapy is the good source to maintain your lower back.

▪Hamstring: Blood clotting is the major issue when it comes to hamstring. Cupping therapy is solution for any kind of blood clot.
When it comes to lower body one can frequently go cupping therapy.

As per Islamic culture it is said that it protects an individual from more than 70 diseases in their body. Many people are afraid of getting this done, they are concerned that after therapy their will blood cupped marks on their body. But, trust me there will not be any marks on your body after few days. Also, it looks dangerous but very simple and effective. Many athletes are adopting this therapy for their fitness. When you do are research you will come across some well know names who have done this therapy. UFC fighter Khabib has recently gone through it and there are many more who do it and believe that its better than spending money on this rather than going for an expensive surgery. Many institutes that have opened now and teaching the cupping therapy. Some of them are selecting cupping therapy as a profession and becoming a specialist.

Does Cupping Therapy Work ? Side Effects, Benefits & Types

(3) BLOOD CLOTTING : Cupping therapy opens up blood circulation and increases blood flow which washes away waste blood from body.

As per the study it is considered that one should do Cupping of three points in their body:

▪Neck from where spinal cord starts
▪Lower back where spin ends
▪Head and scalp

5) Today, people are facing back bone problem at large, cupping at the back will ease the spine diseases of an individual. Always keep in mind if you are going for a cupping therapy please do it from an expert of it and most important do it on timely basis as recommended by cupping therapist.

One should go for cupping therapy at least once in 3 month or may be 6 month if possible. You will see the results only when you are regular and get it done on time.

I request to all fitness freak people to add this Cupping therapy in their lifestyle to get their perfect fitness aim. There are no side effects of this therapy and can be done by men's and women's both.

Cupping Therapy is one of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad hence, definitely there will be and advantages of doing this on your body.
Also, if you see ancient people are far better and fit than us, may be because of such innovative therapies. I recommend this therapy to you all. Internet is widely spread with the pictures and post of world-famous people who have gone through cupping therapy. The most important benefit is that, it comparatively cheaper than other therapies in the market. India is well known hub for cupping therapy.
There are widely cupping centre opening up in various places.

For Cupping therapy please keep few points in mind. When you going for getting it done on your body. Please select a well-trained, experienced, specialist individual. Select someone who has performed this therapy on lot of individual.

    As per my opinion, I completely trust cupping therapy as a good remedy for your body pain problems. I highly recommend people to at least try it once and experience the difference. For first timers they can try for selected point of their like neck, brain and back.
These is one of the great therapy which I never seen in my entire life.

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