7 Best Reasons For Post Workout Stretching To Relax The Muscles

Dear readers, in my previous post I have discuss the importance of pre workout stretching, today we will see how post workout stretching’s is very important. 

In post workout stretching’s you should keep it in mind you will not be stretching all your body muscles, you will be only doing stretching of a particular muscle which you have worked out on a particular day. Stretching wrong body muscle will stiffen the current worked out muscles.

For example, on Tuesday you have done a workout of chest so in post workout you will only do stretching of your chest and there has to be at least 4 variation of your chest stretching. Post workout stretching’s for chest should be of 10 minutes at least and will stretch for at 15 seconds body muscles.

Post workout stretching’s should be done by taking help of your trainer or your gym partner. If both of them are not available you can do it by your own but don’t miss it.

Now I have come across few questions for which I would like to give an answer, the question are as follows:

▪ What are good post workout stretching’s?

7 Best Reasons For Post Workout Stretching To Relax The Muscles

As I said, you will have to do post workout stretching’s for a particular muscle, for which there has to be 4 to 5 variation and stretching has to be done at least for 15 seconds per variation. For a 
good stretch after workout, it is necessary to stretch your muscles that will helps to release your muscle pain, expand your muscle and helps to absorb protein quickly.

Should I do stretch after workout?

The answer to this question is yes! Of course, you will have to do post workout stretching’s for body flexibility otherwise doing only workout will stiffen your body part. Hence, for a 
good flexible body stretching after workout is very important.

How do you start your back stretching after working out?

7 Best Reasons For Post Workout Stretching To Relax The Muscles

So when you are doing a work out of your back which is a big muscle in your body part 
stretching is at most important. Now how do you go by stretching of your back muscle. To stretch your back muscle, you will have to take a help of any strong iron pole and you can do a stretching, for this I will share few pictures of a stretching form that will be easy for you to understand. Post workout stretching’s of back muscle is very easy and quick to understand.

What's touches to be done after workout:

So, whatever body part you are working out, you will have to do the 
stretching of that particular muscle. Also, you will have to do the stretching of that muscle which has got impacted during workout for example : if you are doing a work out of shoulder -  you will have to do stretching of your shoulder and also you will have to stretch your triceps muscle because when you are doing an exercise of your shoulder even triceps muscle gets impacted. This is how you should do stretching your muscles in post workout stretching’s.

How long should you stretch after workout?

7 Best Reasons For Post Workout Stretching To Relax The Muscles

The simple answer to this question is you will have to stretch at least for 7 to 10 minutes for a particular muscle in post workout stretching’s.

What are some cool down stretches?

To have a very cool stretching you will have to keep one stretching partner or maybe you can take help of your trainer to do a cool stretching in post workout stretching’s.

How can I speed up muscle recovery?

To speed up your muscle recovery, during workout you should take BCAA supplement and you should do appropriate stretching of that particular muscle that will help you to speed up your muscle recovery. Post workout stretching’s you quickly intake protein for better result for your muscles

Therefore, it is very important for all of us to do stretching both before workout and after workout. It is better to give you quality muscle. Post workout stretching’s is done by all the athletes, any physical activity done by the individual like sports, dance, gymnasium etc they should adopt the formula of stretching their muscles for relaxation.

You all must have noticed on cricket ground, before they start playing, they emphasize on stretching. So, you all can imagine how important is pre and post workout stretching’s. In this article I am have focused more on post workout stretching’s but, stretching is also advised by the doctors to patient in certain cases wherein patient is suffering from any physical disability.

Dear Readers, please keep in mind – don’t over stretch your body muscles, it may result into muscles tearing tissue damages also. In post workout stretching’s try to maintain balance between muscles and tissues. Kindly figure out the limitation of your muscles and don’t stretch beyond the limits, otherwise you may have injury and it takes a long time to recover.
Every body on fan individual has different level of stretch limits. Some of them may have a flexible body and they can stretch to an height extent but, some of them may have stiff muscle combination.
Slowly improving your stretching of muscles will give you a great benefit. Don’t be in a hurry or a rush while doing post workout stretching’s.

        Beginners in stretching should take proper guidance before they go ahead with stretching. Don’t try by it own understanding the forms of stretch is important, without knowledge you will not be able hit the correct muscles line of your body. Post workout stretching ‘s is very much essential for women’s as compared to guys. Women’s exercises are more of a stretching and less of lifting which is the best fitness aspect for them. We final conclude that more than a pre workout, post workout stretching is on high priority to gain muscles and to get a good body structure. Stretching helps to give you and athlete body shape rather than a abroad bulky muscles.

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