4 Easy Ways For Fat Loss Naturally | How To Lose Weight Fast

Dear Readers, now a day’s people are emphasizing more on easy ways for fat loss. In this article I will share the best diet plan for fat loss.

Today, to have a muscular and an athlete body is a desire of every men and women. In order to gain that you will have to be strict in following your diet plan and execute the easy ways for fat loss.

Every human body has muscles but, only thing is that you have to build that muscle in order to make it attractive. Attractive body muscle is achieved only if you are able to burn your body fat. It’s not an easy job to reduce body fat, high level diet and exercise required is required in order to so. People are generally not able maintain that diet and exercise because it way too difficult to it. Hence, I have come with some easy ways for fat loss.

I highly recommend you to just go step by step in terms of your diet and exercise the change will come gradually. These easy ways for fat loss are followed by many individual and they got good results as well.
 Let’s look at some best and easy ways for fat loss:

(1)    More protein and less carbs:

4 Easy Ways For Fat Loss Naturally | How To Lose Weight Fast

The first step of easy ways for fat loss is to reduce intake of carbs and increasing consumption of protein. Even in carbohydrates will focus on consuming complex carbs that we get from Apple, brown rice, oats, steamed rice etc. Now, complex will give you fibre and energy but will not have saturated fat. Therefore, it is good to consume complex carbs. More protein food will fulfill the other nutrition of your body. Protein will help to grow your muscles.

(2)    Increase salad in our meal:

This is the basic understanding for all of us that salad is good for health and it is also considered as one of the easiest ways for fat loss. As I have mentioned that, you need to increase consumption of protein which is heavy to digest, salad will help you to keep the digestion system at proper level. It will also regulate the body temperature by controlling the heat which will be generated in your body through consumption of high protein. Carrot, cucumber, raw cabbage etc should added to it healthy.

(3)    Fat Loss exercises:

4 Easy Ways For Fat Loss Naturally | How To Lose Weight Fast

Please remember without exercise only diet plan will not give you result. Regular exercises act as a booster in easy ways for fat loss plan. Here, exercise will be more of dumbbell workout and less of barbell. Need you to emphasis on cardio vascular activity, planks, repetition etc and avoid over weight lifting. High weight lifting you can perform on advance machine and equipment’s.

(4)    Stop salt and sugar:

I keep on repeating about stopping sugar and salt in every fat loss plan. Sugar and salt are the biggest monster in the spoiling your diet plan. Even if you consume less in quantity it has a bog impact on your body. Hence, be very strict and disciplined in consumption of these elements. Therefore, salt and sugar are the easy ways for fat loss.

If you can`t carry out this for 8 weeks then post that you can focus on muscle gain for that the diet will change, If you start every week let me know your progress and weight.

Stop sugar completely as are this is a low carbs it’s not that you cannot have sugar but if you do you will have to cut down on other carbs in the list  (if you want feel more full while eating add more green veggies with chicken)

4 Easy Ways For Fat Loss Naturally | How To Lose Weight Fast

Detailed plan for easy ways for fat loss:

Your daily consumption for loosing fat should be:
Proteins - 105 gm
Carbs - 69 gm
Fats - not more than 128 gm
your BMR as per 22% body fat is 1550 Cals & your BMI is 28.4 (you're overweight)
total calorific consumption - 1849 Cals per day (25% deficit as per assuming your physical activity of working out 5-6 days a week for 45 mins per day)

Meal plans:

Meal 1

2 egg omelette or 2 fried or half boiled eggs
(Do not use salt) you May add lil pepper
50 gm chicken
1 spoon butter
Have 1-2 berries (black or blue) if you want for taste
1 chapati average size

20 gm protein
5 gm fat
24 gm carbs

Meal 2

100 gm paneer
Some pieces of broccoli (50-70gm) fried
Add little southwest or mustard sauce (2 tbl spoon)

22 gm protein
25 gm fat
8 gm carbs

Meal 3

50 gm chicken (fried or shallow fried)
Mayo 2 tbsp
Any green veggies 100 gm

23 gm protein
20 gm fat
3-4 gm carbs

Meal 4

3 eggs
Some green veggies (keep it around 50 gm)
30 gm walnuts or almonds

16 gm protein
Carbs 12 gm
Fat 23 gm

Meal 5

100 gm chicken
Mayo 2 tbsp
Any green veggies 100 gm (with 2 tbl spoon salad or olive oil)

Protein 25 gm
Fat 20 gm
Carbs 5 gm

This is best diet plan for 8 weeks for easy fat loss. If one can follow the diet plan and meal mentioned in the article will see quick quality results on his body. Person who are not in disciplined in following will not seen major difference in their body fat. Cheating on meal and exercise the stigma of a looser.

Also, it is important for the one who is following this diet plan should not skip their meal. Completing this course on time will only give you results. In any easy ways for fat loss plan, to maintain discipline is difficult not a diet meal and exercise.

I am 100% sure it can be followed by only those people who truly love their life and wanted to be fit, healthy and look smart. As you all know it is not easy to do anything in the world without determination.

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