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YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR EXERCISE | BUSY SCHEDULE NO TIME FOR EXERCISE As you get old you find it difficult to follow your daily exercise routine. You feel upset, as you can’t exercise as easily as you probably did once you were young. Don’t be disappointed this is not the time to give up your exercise routine. You have to always keep exercising. But you have to make certain changes in your exercise routine, as you get older.



Many of the low carb diets work very well, if strictly adhered to, but have you ever seen what happens to someone who strays for a few weeks or just gets into the habit of eating a healthy well balanced diet, including foods from all of the food groups, not just low carb foods, after having been on a low carb diet for a while? Their body’s metabolism has changed so much that they immediately begin gaining weight.

Common sense is the key to any healthy diet, whether you need to lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds, or over 100 pounds. Nature itself should give us a great indication of what we need to balance our diets. We are provided with fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins to give us the nutrition our bodies need.

There are people with special needs, who can benefit greatly from a diet using only low carbohydrate foods and low carb recipes. However, the majority of the population needs to eat from all of the major food groups in order to maintain their health. Just take a look at the problems that arise when people are deprived of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Many of us today do not get enough of what we need out of the foods we eat, though, and will benefit greatly from adding nutritional supplements to our diet plans. Much of what we eat has been processed, hybridized, and generally changed from its original state, which drastically alters the nutritional value.

Even many of our fruits and vegetables don’t contain the vitamins, mineralsEven many of our fruits and vegetables don’t contain the vitamins, minerals, and other food values we need to be healthy. In order to replace those nutrients we need to add supplements to our daily routine.

If you are one of those people who has spent years on the diet roller coaster, going from one fad diet to the next, using only low carbohydrate recipes, then only low fat recipes, and then, perhaps, some other diet that is fashionable at the time, and you want to regain the balance your body needs in order to be healthy, energized, and give you a sense of well-being, it’s time to get of the fad diet bandwagon. Take a ride on the side of balance. Regain control of your eating habits and enjoy the foods you eat.

Mix up the high-protein shakes, if you like. Use a low carb recipe when you have a craving for something sweet. Include a great, well-balanced nutritional supplement in your daily diet routine. Get the fiber you need to maintain regularity. But, add a few fruit and vegetable carbs and some healthy fats to your diet too.

Vitamin C can’t be found in beef or shrimp and if we don’t get enough of that, we’ll end up with scurvy


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